Our department comes into force in 2014 under the responsibility of the Physical Education graduate Victor Alberto Rosales Barrientos as soccer coach and Professor Juan Manuel Villa Amaro as baseball coach.

We had our first participation in the regional meetings of Technological Universities (UUTT) in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua where we had sports representation with the baseball team and soccer association which gave us not very favorable results but we knew that it was the beginning of a long sports process time which currently has given us 11 titles all in men's and women's soccer. Among them is the maximum achievement we have as a university that was the Uruguayan women's soccer team, which was the 3rd. place nationally in the UUTT National Games in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos in 2015 where the podium was as follows UT de León 1st Place, UT de Zacatecas 2nd. Place and UTLD 3rd Place, giving us this great group of players positioning within the top 3 best universities in the field of football among the UUTT of the country.

Following with the history of the department, in 2015 we went to visit the technological university of Monclova, headquarters of the regional meetings, where it was presented to the sports teams of baseball, men's soccer and Uruguayan women's soccer, giving us a second place in men's soccer and the first place in women's Uruguayan football that in the end would win us that afore mentioned presumed 3rd place nationally.

Returning from the regional, the ADUL local championships in men's soccer association and also the Uruguayan women's soccer championship took place, which put us in the elite of university football in the Laguna region, above renowned universities such as the technological of Monterrey, IBERO, Tecnologico de la Laguna, among others of great quality.

In 2016 we played host to the UTTS regional event where our best participation was to make the sport and cultural event one of the best in zone 2 where we are located, sports teams were neglected in their bias because the department is very small to carry out the sporting event and in turn to train the teams, it is important to note that despite that, we won the women's association soccer that ensured their participation in the national event in the city of Saltillo that same year, where things did not happen as They were expected but we brought a 5th place very worthy nationwide.

Already this year 2017 we are again champions in the local league (ADUL) again in football but this time the Uruguayans both male and female drew their faces to bring the 1st place in women, giving this a major consolidation to our university in the region.

The regional event was held in the city of Parras de la Fuente where we already had more sports teams and cultural teams were included for the first time, as were two young people in singing and a young man in declamation as well as baseball, Uruguayan men’s and women’s soccer, men’s association.

Volleyball in its two branches the men’s and women’s. This event only passed the national team back to the association soccer team because the other teams did not have much to fight since the level of the other universities exceeded us..
That is why this year we are preparing hard to fully reach the next regional event that will be at the UT of Piedras Negras in which we will tie that thorn that we have stuck for not giving good results in the Parras 2017.
To do this, we work all the teams to the full and thus leave no doubt that we are still the big shots of zone 2 of UUTT in the north of the country.


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